Experience, Knowledge and Wisdom

The successful and leading organizations of the crowded Indian paint industry has been continuously and wisely realigning to the discerning and changing needs of the evolved customer in recent years. The gradual transformations in demand and supply, R&D innovations, product re-engineering and strategic marketing tools have rewarded the successful few. Having comprehended this mantra to the success, DECORAZZI PAINTS & COATINGS, launches their products on such an aligned platform to begin a journey to success.

DECORAZZI’s ambitious journey is well augmented with the three mandatory requirements viz. Experience, Knowledge and Wisdom. The senior management team is a collection of seasoned professionals with each having more than two decades of experience in the leading Indian paint organizations across multiple functions of R&D, Production, Technology, Supply Chain, Marketing and Field Sales.

The wide range of product basket for the astute customer has been meticulously designed from luxury to the popular and budget needs. All products have been rigorously formulated eliminating the health hazardous chemical ingredients. The stringent quality control measures are in place with complete authority and implementation to produce the best and benchmarked products of the Indian paint market.

The detailed supply chain operations have been structured in a manner to service the discerning customers in the most efficient way to comply with safety norms. All business operations at DECORAZZI are system driven leaving little room for manual interventions and incidental errors.

We at DECORAZZI believe that there is no shortcut when it comes to providing our customers with nothing but the best. Thus, we put our heart and soul behind every process; right from the very first step of quality of input material to the last step of delivery.

In the canvas of DECORAZZI, the colours are the brightest in winning people’s trust.