In an endeavor to become an institution and a world class organization, Decorazzi hires only the bright and passionate individuals to establish a culture of High Performance with High Integrity.

Leave Policy

  • Married and confirmed women employees are entitled to 26 weeks of Maternity Leave.
  • Paternity Leave maximum admissible up to 15 days with full pay from the date of delivery of child.
  • It shall be mandatory for employees to avail Privilege Leave at least once during every year.

Sexual Harassment Policy

All Decorazzi Directors and employees have a responsibility to create a workplace that is free from harassment. The MD / HR Head will take immediate and appropriate action to prevent and to correct behavior that violates this policy. Such conduct will be subject to disciplinary action and could include termination of employment.

In keeping with the commitment to a harassment free work environment, Decorazzi encourages its Directors and employees to immediately raise any issue of workplace concern with the MD / HR Head.

An employee who believes that he/she has witnessed harassment or is being harassed, should immediately notify the MD / HR Head, who is a member of the Complaints Committee, along with the members with the following criteria:

Must be headed by a woman, at least 50% of the Committee should comprise of women, should involve a third party, either NGO or other body, who is familiar with the issue of sexual harassment. The complaint will be investigated and action taken as warranted.

Code of Conduct

Everybody should maintain Office Etiquette, Behaving Professionally and Respecting Others, these are our core values.

All employees are required to abide by the dress code which is formal through Monday to Friday. Smart casual on Saturday is allowed.

Safety & Security at the Workplace is our top most concern and we provide a safe working environment for our people.

Anyone can contact the Grievance Handling Cell at conduct@decorazzipaints.com for any issues related to Code of conduct.

Gifts And Entertainment Policy

To ensure openness and transparency, all gifts, hospitality and entertainment must be recorded in the Gifts and Entertainment Register to be maintained by Admin. These registers will be reviewed by the CEO and reported to the Audit Committee annually.

There is an annexure, which sets out the categories of gifts and entertainment that have been identified, and establishes the approvals and disclosures that are required.

Conflict of Interest

Outside Employment

In consideration of your employment with the company you are expected to devote your full attention to the business interests of the company.

You are prohibited from engaging in any activity that interferes with your performance or responsibilities to the Company or is otherwise in conflict with or prejudicial to the Company

You must disclose to the Company any interest that you have that may conflict with the business of the Company.

Outside Directorships

The whole time Directors shall devote themselves exclusively to the business of the company and shall not accept any other work or assignment for remuneration (part-time or otherwise). However, if approval from the Board of Directors is received, he/she can also serve as a Director of another company/s.

Acceptance of directorship on the Boards of other Companies which compete with Decorazzi amounts to conflict of interest. The Directors shall obtain the prior approval of the Board of Directors before they accept such directorship(s).

Related Parties

The policies and procedures of Decorazzi require the Directors to avoid conducting any kind of business of the company, with their relatives or their significantly associated companies, firms and other businesses.

Reporting Violations

Whistleblower Cases

If you find or have concerns related to questionable accounting, accounting controls, auditing matters, or reporting of fraudulent financial information or grave misconduct, i.e., conduct which results in a violation of law by the Company or in a substantial mismanagement of Company resources which if proven, would constitute a criminal offence or reasonable grounds for dismissal of the person engaging in such conduct. Any one can intimate such incident at hrconnect@decorazzipaints.com

Prohibition against Retaliation

Reprisal, threats, retribution or retaliation against any person who has in good faith reported a violation or a suspected violation of law, this Code or other Company policies, or against any person who is assisting in any investigation or process with respect to such a violation, is prohibited.