Why Should People Use Lead-Free Paints?

Phase out toxic paints from your life today! Use of lead-free paints for your residential applications is
highly recommended. The most high-income countries are already into the practice of using lead-
free paints and now it’s time for you to do it. The hazards of using lead paint have been into the
picture since as early as the 1800s and there were suggested alternatives as well. However, people
hardly followed the suggestions until banning of lead paints took place in foreign countries.
Needless to mention, that paints in India come with unacceptable levels of toxic lead, thus, leading
to several diseases. Not just paint, but there are several household products from cleaners to
detergents which are poisonous in nature as well. Paints, used in Indian homes actually come with a
deadly health cost. In fact, popular brands of paints hold a high capacity of lead, which is a toxin,
particularly unsafe for children. So, it is important to choose a brand that has a deeper commitment
to society. Look for the one that is concerned about human health, thus, selling lower VOC (Volatile
Organic Compounds) paints.

What is Lead Paint?

The lead compounds in any colour are helpful when it comes to durability, washable finish and
above all, it is insoluble in water. Of course, these don’t have any importance if it works as toxic for
human health, especially children. Lead has the power to disrupt numerous body functions and the
usual symptoms vary from nausea to breathing problem. Even, it is known to be a strong blocker of
glutamate receptors. It also has the power to move a series of metals (calcium, zinc and iron) from
performing their regular job in the human body. After a lot of researches, lead paints have been
asked to be replaced with the low VOC paints. This is where Decorazzi has started playing its cards.

Why Decorazzi?

Decorazzi is one among those leading brands in India that have embraced low VOC, chrome-free and
lead-free paints. They sell paints that are eco-friendly in nature and have less volatile organic
compounds. You will find an array of paints that are not just safe for human health but are
meticulously designed to cater to premium, luxury, budget customers. Their product portfolio
contains both oil based and water based paints. The best thing about their products is each of them
is washable and has excellent bio protection with opacity and high coverage.
So, if you do not want to make serious damages to the still-developing brains and central nervous
systems of your children and also the environment then use lead-free paints from Decorazzi.